Nerf Gun Projects

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Miscellaneous

We spent July 4 weekend working in the garage modifying Nerf Guns.  Yes – we are officially Nerf Nerds!  First off was to paint the guns from their bright coloring to something more realistic.  We went two routes – one was camouflage for military look and 2nd was a flat black color for realistic urban / SWAT type weaponry.  In order to get my son’s brain used a little more this summer I asked my son to write up the DIY – it will be in quotes.  This is the initial round of modifications – mainly camo paint.

Nerf Gun Project

Me and my dad bought and camouflaged some Nerf guns and there magazines over the past weekend. The Nerf guns we camouflaged were the, Long strike cs-6, The Recon cs-6, and the Raider cs-35. We also ordered the Long shot cs-6 on Ebay and  It will be shipped  the coming weekend to us. We will also camouflage the Long shot cs-6. The Raider cs-35 was painted flat black to look like a swat gun.

How We Camouflaged the Guns

First me and dad went to the Home Depot to get some spray paint for the guns.( Fossil, Oregano, and Flat black) Then dad got a piece of cardboard about the size of a pillow and drew some patterns on there. I was supposed to cut them with a sharp knife while dad sprayed the magazines flat black. When I was done dad took the cardboard and sprayed Fossil and Oregano over the top of the cardboard. We did that for all of the guns except for the Raider cs-35.


Most of the larger guns come with Magazines or Drums.


Yeesh - Bright Orange


Much Better

Nice Flat Black Color

Nerf Longstrike CS-6

This is Nerf’s version of an assault rifle / sniper.  Not really sure what it was modeled after (likely a Halo type assault rifle).  The original color was a gaudy blue / orange.  The biggest drawback is the distance it would shoot ~ 20′.  In fact the 6 shot revolver type gun shot much farther and more accurately.  So we will modify it highly – camo paint and replace the internal spring.

The Long strike cs-6 is the gun that we want to look like a real sniper. It is a bolt action sniper with a detachable barrel. It also has 2 extra pockets built in the stock for 2 more clips. We have already camouflaged and my mom helped put a strap on it. We will put a bi-pod/grip on it and put in a better spring so it can shoot more than 70ft!


Nerf Longshot CS-6 Before


Standard Flat color: Olive / Khaki / Black Camoflauge w/ custom made strap by June


Nerf Recon CS-6

The Recon CS-6 is more of an specialized assault rifle used by special forces.  It has the 18 shot drum magazine installed on it.

The Recon cs-6 is the gun we want to be the secondary for the sniper. It is a multipurpose weapon with a detachable barrel and stock. The stock has a slot for an extra clip. It also has a scope and a laser sight for aim or night vision. We have camouflaged it and attached a 18 dart magazine that is camouflaged.


Hello - My Yellow Gun Got Me Shot b/c they could see me a mile away!


Again standard Camoflauge - but much nicer looking. Notice it has clip storage in the stock.

Another Angle - A lot of the accessories are interchangeable between the guns.

Nerf Raider CS-35

This gun reminds me of a submachine gun that is used more in urban settings for quick and massive firepower and to run / hide.  We decided to do all flat black with SWAT style coloring.  We also added a clip extender that allows you to quickly swap over the clip by flipping it 180 degrees.


Orange and Blue - Not for You but my how that is a nice 35 shot drum!


Don't Mess With Me!

Another Angle - Mean!

Next up is:

  • Replacing internal springs to triple distance for the Longstrike, Recon and Raider.
  • Acquire Nerf Longshot CS-6 (no longer in production) and modify
  • Find or create a Scope
  • Adding accessories like Bipods
  • Painting the revolver type guns gunmetal color
  • Paint one gun a arctic theater look (white base with gray and green)
  1. Sean says:

    Hey guys. Great job on the camo. I just got into Nerg guns myself at the ripe age of 36 (with no kids), but have been putting together an arsenal so I can Nerf War with my best friend and his sons soon. I’m in the disassembly phase myself and will paint after the upgrades. Currently waiting for 2 Longshots to arrive in the mail. Current gun going to upgrade is the Longstrike in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing that Arctic paint. Keep up the good work.

    • I’m also 36 and really getting into them for fun. Check out eBay for items and parts and people will sell multiple guns in an auction which can get you good deals. I’ll have a new writeup soon for adding new springs – though I considered removing the air restrictor it is know that it will significantly reduce the life of the gun. Good luck.

  2. Sean says:

    Already have two ‘ lots’ from the bay enroute to my house, but good tip nonetheless. Also, I have been scoring scopes, bipods, etc on the cheap from Craigslist as well. Also some great lots on there too.

    Agreed on diminishing the life of the gun. I’m looking to increase spring strength and narrow the breach/dart tube to optimize the air pressure. As a car guy I’m always moddingfor looks or performance and this is no different.

    Great idea on having your son contribute to the blog by the way. Looking forward to more posts soon.

  3. Ken says:

    I was bored today and was reading some older posts in the NASA forums and came across this. It is a cool idea and yours turned out nice but has some potentially dangerous consequences. The tips on toy guns are colored orange for a reason, so Cops can tell the difference between real and toy guns. Several teens have been shot because of this and that is why they color the ends orange. Yours look very real and I probably would not hesitate to pull my gun If I saw you carrying one of these. Just thought you’d like to know.

    On another note, hows your car doing after the ABCC crash? I saw Ray’s video on youtube. Will you be going to RA? I’m running short on funds so I will not be there. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

    #3 944-Spec

    • Hi Ken,
      I see your concerns as I don’t let him play with them outside the house – plus it was a nice father / son collaboration.

      My car won’t be repaired in time for Road America – unfortunately. I’m likely going to sell it as is or part it out. Not sure what I’m doing yet but next year I’m still undecided. Ray maybe up and running as he had a spare shell he can swap over parts into.

  4. Chris says:

    Where do you get the new springs.

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