Precursor to Round 5: Autobahn

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Racing

With almost a month off between races one can almost catch their breath…and I said almost.  With everything that has been going on the past month I can’t wait to for a race weekend to relax.  So I am preparing to fly up to Chicago tomorrow morning for Race 2 (edited) in the Midwest Endurance Series and Round 5 of Midwest Championship series.

This week Lisa will have her fresh new motor (new rings and the head was properly repaired).  Seems that motor I bought last year was very, very tired.  I’m hoping for a good result and some fun racing as we have 7 drivers already signed up including Kuhns, Agran, Blasquez, Chhikara, Freundt, Frey and Karns.  Grant cannot make it as he’s attending a wedding (maybe his own) –  he needs to get his priorities straight.  Pina will not be able to race either.  Dalton may yet sign up and we might see an appearance by Palmer (an elusive 944-Spec driver).  I should also have a bunch of family coming down to say hi – so can’t wait to see them.

Endurance Race is at 5;30 PM and Saturday race 1:20 PM and Sunday Race 1:05 PM.  Wish me luck!

PS – I will get Gingerman videos up as I have to “steal” my wife’s laptop so I can install the video editing software on it (my old laptop and desktop just don’t have the chops to do it).

  1. Palmer says:

    Race #2 in the Enduro Series I believe good Sir. Good Luck and see you this weekend, sans my car.

  2. Doh! You are right so fixed it. At least one of us is paying attention. Now if I can not go off track at 90 mph avoiding a crash I’ll be happy (and so will Sid!).

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