I created this blog as a way to journal my thoughts in my drive for all things motorsports and my concern for conservation of resources I consume. These are often in conflict but in my mind it can make sense. So please sit back and enjoy ramblings from time to time, find projects that you can do, get information on my racing, and other random oddities.

  1. Travis Beemer says:

    Hey, I met you the night I detailed Alex’s Porsche. I have some questions on the upcoming DEs and getting a comp license. Please Email me back if you think you can answer them. My Email is travis DOT beemer AT yahoo DOT com

    Thank you

  2. Hi Travis, Yes I remember talking to you that night. I’ll shoot you an email to talk.

  3. Jim W says:

    Greetings – good blog and useful stuff since we’re also working on an Exocet build. Guessing you’re south of us since we just had our first day above freezing in a long time yesterday and that has pretty much halted our work in the garage.

    • I’ve got loads more posts coming but have to find time to get them posted. I will be at Road America August 2/3rd timeframe with the car. You should stop by if you can to check it out and bring yours as well. I’m going the same route as you – running the tired 1.6 liter then going turbo (with a ’99 1.8 liter).

      Subscribe to my blog as there’s a lot more posts coming when I get time. Takes quite a while to get these up and running.

  4. Jim W says:

    BTW, I’m also concerned about carbon use. The impact of a Miata doing a track day at a local track, especially if you drive it there and back (as opposed to trailering), really isn’t that significant. It’s much less than piling the camping gear into the minivan and driving 200 miles north to immerse yourself in nature for a weekend. What matters is your overall carbon use (footprint) and in the grand scheme of things being a track rat with a Miata several weekends a year probably isn’t your worst environmental sin.

    • I trailer mine as did a tow dolly and won’t ever drive it (full racecar). Plus if it gets damaged then you have to find a way home. So I pull it with a smaller diesel vehicle that can get low 20’s towing my old Miata on an open trailer and now with a 14′ vnose enclosed with the Exocet I’m hoping for 17+ mpg. Love the WK CRD Jeep – pulls like a boss but much smaller than a full size pickup.

  5. Bob Stiner says:

    Great Blog, I liked all the info on the Jeep CRD. Wondering if you have had any trouble of hesitation when stopped then starting out. My Jeep does that every so often. Do you have any ideas?

    • There’s a little bit of turbo lag at times. If you are running the DPF that is partially clogged it can exacerbate it as well. After doing the tune and the DPF delete the lag is gone except where you drop off the throttle and try to get right back on it when the turbo gets down to idle.

  6. Bob Stiner says:

    Thanks for reply, hadn’t thought of turbo. Another question, a few times when starting out with cool/cold engine/transmission that has been running 3-4 minutes, I stop at stop sign then on starting out, transmission seems to slip, engine rpm goes up then transmission engages and all is well. Any ideas on this one? Thanks

  7. Gerrit says:

    Hi Conflictedrace. I have sent a message on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD page regarding a very strange issue i have on it. please can you see if you can help me? Regards Gerrit. gerrit@rectifier.co.za

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