NASA East States Championships

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Just a precursor to the upcoming event. This is my first championships I’ve driven in 5 years. I’ll be racing in ST3 and I’m praying for rain on Sunday to slow others in my class down so that I may not finish last. I went and redid my class forms and got a valid dyno (no more 10% modifier that I had to use before). With 125 whp and a class weight of 1,825 (empty) I’m at a 16.5:1 weight to power ratio (modifiers are included in this). My class form with penalties give me 15.6:1 weight to power. As the class I’m running in is 10:1 I am way under powered and still running stock suspension and brakes. There’s definitely room for improvement with my wallet but it has run thin as of late.

I also hope to get to talk to Mazda representatives and confirm their support for Exomotive’s chassis.


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