Race Updates with Exocet

Posted: July 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

The car has been finished to a point where it is ready to run just not race legal (need fuel cell). It’s initial debut was in Time Trial at NJMP Lightning in May this year. I did not get any video or data but just was running the car and feeling it out. A great feeling to drive it hard for the first time. I was also running RA1 full tread tires so not a lot of stick. I have to run TT3 / ST3 as my lowest class due to tube frame chassis. Not competitive as running stock suspension, full tread RA1 tires and 130 whp. During the weekend I had my suspension acting in a dynamic manner as mid corner the tired old eccentric bolts slipped changing geometry. I also found out I’m very slow on the straight as the drag from all the surface area really takes a toll above 80 mph. Running with SM and PTE Miatas I was a good 5 miles per hour slower on the straight. In addition, the 1.6 open diff had a lot of trouble getting its power down so I had to run more of a modified FWD line.


Ready to Play

The second event was able to run in June at NJMP Lightning. For this event I was able to source a 4.10 differential (and all swap bits needed), 6 speed transmission, and get the alignment set with new eccentric bolts all the way around. Again ran only Time Trial as car did not have a fuel cell yet. I also broke a fender tab. I was lucky as we ran in the Champ Truck event and someone had a welder. I paid in beer for the help. I also had the O2 sensor fail and run the engine lean so I shut it down and didn’t run on Sunday for fear of damaging the engine. Sort of a bummer that weekend but that’s the breaks with a new build and pushing the chassis and bits like never before.


My third event was in July at NJMP at Thunderbolt. Here I had a fuel cell so could actually race and new O2 sensor with a modified tune. Also bought a set of Maxxis RC-1s to give them a try. Unfortunately over the first 2 days, I had 3 fender tabs break as fatigue set in on them and had to repeatedly go to a local competitor who had a welder. I was able to run some Time Trial on Saturday and Sunday I did the first race in the car and finished. Strategy was stay off curbs as much as possible and keep out of everyone’s way as I have to run in Thunder group (big bore). That means running with high power cars and a lot of Hoosier clad aero BMWs which makes them fast. Paid for welding help in Jose Cuervo.

My fourth event I made it out to Palmer Motorsports Park. This time I had the fenders reinforced with braces between the two mounts, and put on some 15mm spacers to move the wheels away from the car. Still running stock Miata offset wheels. I had no issues with the fenders so was extremely happy I was not chasing down that problem. I even tested it well as I had a high speed off in Saturday’s Thunder race and a big ramp over the new curbs that are quite abrupt. However Palmer has a 100 db limit this year so after trying to do a downturn to my exhaust I had to add a muffler – from Napa and it is so quiet that I was hitting redline and didn’t know it as couldn’t hear the engine. Now I need a shift light to run here next time. I’m going to mod up a bolt on muffler with a flow master I have at home so I can run Lime Rock / Palmer and if I do so – get it street legal (not sure on that still as race prepped). Paid for welding assistance in Cabo.

Here are some links below.

Saturday Race 1 Main Camera

Saturday Race 1 Side Camera (ouch)

Sunday Race 1 Main Camera

Sunday Race 1 Rear Camera




Next up is Watkins Glen in August then possibly running East States Championships in September at the same location.


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