Exocet Part 21: Race Prep & Fuel Cell

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Now with a track weekend under the belt it’s time to start some major improvements. There were several key areas of concern and improvement needed. I brought the car to EFI Logics in Bethel, CT to get the work done as I started a bathroom renovation (down to the studs) at home that is sucking up all my free time.

First – Fix the suspension geometry issues. That is easily handled with a kit of new eccentric bolts and some extended lower control arm ball joints to reduce working angle (makes for longer lasting ball joints). Also replacing the tie rods as both boots were torn. Fresh alignment and will adjust during the weekend as we will check tire temps and wear. We also added a rear jack bar (but also attaches lower rear subframe which later Miatas get).

5.11.16 Extended Ball Joints

Second – Make it race legal. This involved ordering an ATL 10 gallon fuel cell (Sport Cell) with metal crush structure. This will address safety and fuel starvation concerns. I still do not have a fuel gauge but may have a solution using the stock float valve.

Third – Traction. I was able to score a Torsen (4.10) rear end (axles & driveshaft too) along with a 6 speed transmission to swap out the 4.30 open rear end. EFI Logics had these at their shop so was super easy for me. As my next event was the ST3 class and likely out running with the big bore group I need to find a lot more speed and an cheap effective way is tires. I looked through the various tire contingencies for NASA Regional Racing and centered on Maxxis. What I like about them is they support both racing and Time Trial and have a cost effective tire. So I ordered a set of Rival RC-1 tires and will give them a try (new tire to me as I’ve never driven on them).

  1. Sean Castner says:

    What is rear end? 3.9? 3.6?

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