Exocet Part 20: April NJMP TT3

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Was able to get the car out to the track last month. Engine was broken in and running well. Next up is to check out the car and get some laps to feel out the car. I brought it to Heinlein Racing Development for an initial alignment and corner balance. We started with a Spec Miata standard alignment as I’m very familiar with how it feels. The issue we ran into was the ride height and how to set it as most are done based off the frame rail whereas the Exocet we had to measure subframe height.

First impressions – it understeers quite a lot and trying techniques to set the front for best grip was an issue. In addition ever corner where I crested a hill I had traction issues with the open diff as I can hear the inside wheel spinning but the car was not loose. Further exacerbating traction issues was the fact I’m running full tread RA1s that are about 4 years old so they don’t have the best grip. Also running FM Classic suspension (stock) which has quite a bit more squat than I like so had to spend time transferring weight before being able to really brake hard / turn. One thing noted is the lack of weight really reduces tire wear (I’m running 205/50/15s) and takes time to get heat into them. In addition, throughout the first day as I pushed harder the car felt like it was getting worse especially with one session where the steering wheel required significantly more input than the lap before to run the same lines. Well, that was because the eccentric bolts on the lower control arms stretched and were moving giving the much fun in corner alignment changes! I was happy that I pitted next to EFI Logics who was supporting the Spec Miatas the same weekend, so we tightened them up and Sunday the car was much better.

As I have no idea of how much fuel the car holds I rolled across the scales at 1814 and 1796 (low fuel). So I think with full tank the car weighs 1850 lbs. I’m a tall guy so I add quite a bit of weight. My best lap times I could get was in the high 1:19s where the fastest Spec Miatas were running 1:17s and TT3 cars were running 1:10s. Not too shabby on essentially street suspension and some old full treads.

I plan on running Super Touring the next event I need to get a fuel cell installed as the stock fuel tank covered only by a fiberglass cover that cascades down towards the passenger compartment does not make me feel safe.

4.15.16 NJMP

You can tell some toe issues with the front. Will be fixed by the next event in May.


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