Exocet Part 19: Motor Install

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Have a ton of updates to post but the car is running / driving / tuned now. All bodywork has been fitted and all electronics up and running. I’ve got some small odds and ends but pretty much ready to start test and tune.

The motor was installed in late January and we are using the stock Miata harness (90-93) with the Flyin Miata 1.8 conversion kit and new motor mounts. We installed a Megasquirt PNP Gen 2 to make it as plug and play as possible. One issue going this route in a 1.6 car is the manual 1.6 TPS sensor only gives a full throttle reading otherwise it does not give voltage. There are ways to work around this by installing an TPS from a 1.6 auto that plugs into the stock harness so you can still use the 1.6 throttle body. The other method is to adapt a bmw TPS to fit and wire in, or switch to the 1.8 TPS and recalibrate the Megasquirt. These TPS sensors give varying voltage over fully closed to fully open. I’m going the route of swapping back in an NB1 (’99-’00) throttle body as I have a ’99-‘intake and head. Car ran well but the stock tune was pretty bad as the fuel / timing / ignition maps were all over the place making the car run rough. I took the car to Evans Tuning in Mt. Bethel, PA to get it up and running and we were really surprised with the result (even with an improper 1.6 TPS not working right).

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No onto the Dyno (not too shabby for a low compression motor):

Dyno 1


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