Exocet Part 17: Motor Swap

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Last November was able to get the car up and running with the stock wiring / ecu and 1.6 motor from a former Chump car. The engine ran strong and I was able to drive it down the street several times. However the water pump had a major leak and the driver front brake line was leaking badly so could not drive hard. Note to self – driving without a hood and no helmet with a coolant leak s not a good idea.

Eventual goal is to add an supercharger or turbocharger to run a conservative 180-190whp required to run ST3 with NASA Northeast and NASA East Coast Championships. But for now – it’s get the car running, driving in order to work on the platform (suspension, brakes, chassis).

The engine is completely rebuilt with a ’94 block, 8.5:1 wiseco low compression pistons with K1 rods and ARP bolts, and a cheater SM head. In addition, adding an M-tuned coolant reroute kit to keep consistent cooling through the block and a Megasquirt MSPro PNP for the car – easy to tune and add power. To get power transferred to the wheels it has a Competition Clutch Stage 4 with resurfaced flywheel. For the time being it has an open 1.6 differential. Will have to add a torsen later which requires driveshaft and axle swap.


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