Jeep EcoDiesel P20EE Issue

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Was happily enjoying the Jeep for almost 26k miles and then got what seems like an eventual P20EE code every Ecodiesel from 2013-2014 will eventually trigger. Also along with it is an exhaust smell when idling even with all windows closed. Now trying to schedule dealer visit with local dealer. Will update this thread with resolutions and update the WK2 EcoDiesel FAQ as well as I’ve not put time into it (because of little issues) as the Jeep has been working well (aside from injector breaking because of no protection under the truck from rocks or splashing water).

9.11.15 DTC Code P20EE thrown (read it with OBD2 reader and have 3 total codes for this). P20EE is reluctant temp too low on SCR catalyst. Noticeable exhaust smell in the cabin when idling for more than 30 seconds with all windows closed. Called Beyer Jeep and had to talk to two reservations persons to hopefully get a rental car covered as this may take several days or weeks from horror stories on the forums. Second person said I should get one when I bring it in (#fingerscrossed) next Thursday 9.17.15. Tweeted @ChryslerCares about no standard rental coverage for a $50k vehicle for warranty work. Not the best strategy to keep customers IMHO.

9.14.15 Talked via DM with @ChryslerCares and my standard warranty does not include rental car coverage unless there is an open recall. No recall on these trucks for the P20EE issue. Why? Failure rates seem very common and doesn’t instill confidence in the product. I made it to 26k before mine went but others have had this issue much earlier.

9.17.15 Dropped off Jeep at Beyer Jeep in Morristown and have to fork out $48 per day (with tax) for a rental car. Dealer doesn’t have any open diesel techs so they won’t look at it until late today or tomorrow morning.

9.17.15 Well got some good news. The tech looked into it and they have had several Ecodiesels in for this problem. Would not comment on how many. They ordered the cat converter and it’s supposed to be at the dealer tomorrow and hopefully fixed that day.

9.18.15 Dealer held true to their word and I picked up the Jeep late afternoon. They did diagnosis and found the cat converter failed. They from experience ordered new sensors (nitrogen oxide and particulate matter) with the new cat converter as they break when removed (learned from experience). Jeep is running fine and I’ve got 50 miles on it already and no codes or smell that I had when the old cat failed. Now to work out the rental reimbursement with FCA.

Check back for updates…


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