NASA NP01 – Bringing Prototype Racing to the Masses

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Racing


I was able to be at PRI 2014 for the public announcement for the release of the NASA NP01 Prototype (click link for Website). They unveiled a model and had Chassis 001 on display where you could sit inside. Let me tell you it’s big inside the cockpit – even for a > 6′ guy. The information below is why I’m really excited.

Design, Build & Availability:

  • It’s built by a very well known racecar manufacturer (read up more on elan Technologies).
  • It’s a real kit racecar. That means it will come with almost everything to get it up and running. You’ll just need to add fuel / fluids, seat / harness and gauges / telemetry / fire system / radio / drink bottle / and fuzzy dice. elan will also offer options for buyers as well (such as cool box, cockpit ventilation, helmet a/c, quick refuel kit, windshield demist blower, alignment tools, chassis jack, etc.). elan is also offering a discount to the first several buyers of $5k!!!
  • Driveable prototypes will be ready in 2015 year with customer deliveries beginning late 2015. elan will likely be coming to your NASA Region with a rental car so contact your Regional Director to get on a list of available dates.
  • You can build it in your own garage with your own tools – expected build time for someone with decent mechanical ability is 100 yours or if you want Elan can ship it out fully assembled for an extra $5k. That’s essentially a $50 shop rate from a high end shop.
  • Fiberglass body for easy replacement and at the track repairs.
  • Adjustable rear wing and gurney flaps for quick adjustments.
  • Light packages / windshield wiper.

Big guy approved (have 6″ of headroom).


  • 2.0 Mazda MZR with dry sump making 185 hp (tbd if at wheels)
  • Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox with manual shifter (is not overstrained by engine power and has room for more if you want to increase power). At this time it will likely fit in an ST-2 raceclass with NASA creating a Spec NP class based upon growth.
  • Sealed ECU
  • Dimensions: 1,550 lbs wet (driver extra) / 100.6″ wheelbase / 161″ overall length / 75.4″ Width / 42″ Height / 155 MPH Top Speed (not certain if electronically limited)
  • Brakes & Wheels: 4 piston aluminum calipers / 315mm ventilated rotors / 17×9 OZ wheels with 235-40 17 Toyo RRs
  • Suspension: fully adjustable inboard suspension / Corvette Hubs (heavy duty, cheap and easy to fix)



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