Project: Barn Restoration Part 1

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

One of the key factors in choosing the house we purchased as the fact it had a nice sized detached garage on the property that was easy to access. I’ve always wanted a detached garage so I could work into the night on projects without fear of making too much noise in the house. That said the barn is in need of some improvements. It has no electricity, heat or water and the floor is dirt / brick and the roof is low and will need to be raised (yep I’m raising the roof!).

So over the next several years I’m going to improve it bit by bit (depending on my time and budget). The great thing is the walls are cinder block and in great shape, it has 6 nice sized windows that open, and the roof though old has very little evidence of leaking. The size is just about right as well – I can fit about 4 cars plus have some room for actual workspace (not that I’ll have that many (crosses fingers that I don’t become a broken car collector).

Some photos of how it sits currently:

Plans are set by budget and time but need to make it easy to use:

– Poured cement floor possibly with radiant heat

– Add electricity with 220 power so I can use a welder and add a 2 post lift. Will also run cable and Ethernet as well. Run outlets to stations with plumbed air as well.

– Redo the entire roof with one that is much steeper to provide better drainage of rain / snow and add significantly more dry storage space.

– Add wood burning stove and chimney for heat.

– Add a hangout area to complete a man cave section.


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