Service Automotive Endurance Racing Series Results

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Racing

(June 2, 2014) Team Excollence driver Joel Karns competed in the first two Service Automotive Endurance Challenge series that runs with NASA Central Region. It is a four race series with a Regional championship sponsored by Service Automotive in Derby, KS.

Race 1 Mid America Motoplex (April 24, 2014): Driving for Team Never Enough in the #27 E3 Miata, Joel started the race from pole and held onto the position for the first two laps. However as the #27 Miata has not been raced in 6 years it suffered from suspension bump stop interference and had two flats putting the car out of contention for a podium. Driving with team car owner Steve Wilson they were able to at least pilot it to a 5th place position with Joel getting a fast lap of 1:54.375. Joel also drove his personal car (2013 BRZ) in Time Trials D class and was able to finish in 2nd place on Saturday where first place was Joel’s former TTD 1989 Honda Civic piloted by Jereme Wilson.

Race 2 Heartland Park Topeka (May 31, 2014): Driving for Team Service Automotive in the #54x E1 Miata, Joel again started on the pole. 10 minutes before the start of the race the heavens opened up and it rained for 15 minutes soaking the track. Joel started and held position until the 4th corner where the ESR BMW was able to make his way past, then eventually the E2 Legends car driving on intermediate tires. The track was extremely slick with several cars going off and a long caution in Turn 12 from an E3 Miata that was stuck in a tire wall. After several laps of managing to keep the car it on the asphalt Joel was able to pick up the pace (getting up to a fast lap of 1:18.929) and by lap 40 was the overall leader as the ESR BMW had to pit for tires and fuel, then the E2 Legends car had to pit for fuel. By lap 46 Joel had caught and attempted to lap the 2nd place ESR BMW which ensued into an 3 lap battle with several pass attempts with and without traffic only to be re-passed on the straights by the higher powered BMW. By lap 49 Joel pulled into the pit for fuel and team owner Doug Lowe took over to take it to the finish. Unfortunately several laps later the engine lost power and then stopped on lap 59.  In the end Team Service Automotive took the win in E1 class.

Next event TBD: Team Excollence is relocating from the Kansas City (NASA Central) region to Central New Jersey (NASA Northeast) region and due to the time needed to move the next race event is to be determined. A revised schedule and completion date of the Exocet (sorry to my blog followers on the NASA ST3 Exocet build but the move takes great precedence – I do have a lot of updates to give but the car is packed up in the trailer with lots of personal move items).


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