A Farewell to the WK CRD

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Being Green, Green Technology

As I write this post I am watching the CRD leave my home to its new owner in California (this will replace a Liberty CRD). Within 24 hours of my first post on JF about the sale I had 5 people respond wanting it immediately. The new owner is a fellow racer / instructor so it will again continue the duty of pulling a racing trailer and be the family truckster. I won’t go into detail as to what I originally paid (as I had a lot of maintenance done and did a lot of improvements and acquired many spares which I kept when towing) but the resale value on this thing is frickin awesome (better than any of my gas tow vehicles) and my investment of going diesel in an SUV paid off in spades by having to fuel up less often and getting up to 50% better mpg when towing over what a WK Hemi could! I also had an extended warranty as this was my first diesel vehicle and a Jeep to boot (both first personally for me). My wife’s family had several Jeeps (older grand cherokees and wranglers) but they were very unreliable and one caught on fire in their garage so I didn’t want to take any chances. Mine had the usual problems onset by short sighted emissions bottlenecks and OEM design defects but all were addressed and the CRD never once left me stranded or questioned my purchase.

Some Great Memories: My best MPG was an incredible 28 MPG jaunt from KC to the Ozarks with the family to go mountain biking. My best towing MPG was 22.1 mpg with my Spec Miata on the open trailer up to MAM with a friend of mine towing a 26′ enclosed trailer with a Tundra that was getting 8 mpg (that truck since had an engine fail). My worst was a 15.5 mpg rush back to KC from Hallet towing the Miata again with 5 adults, gear and my dog buried in the back (poor Hobie) doing 70+ mph. We stopped in some small town to take a leak behind some dilapidated truck trailer and the guys with me were amazed I wasn’t in the single digits or the CRD would just pull up some steep inclines with very little effort (most of them dozed off as well). Another great towing story as I was leaving the race track with another racer (both of us with full tanks) towing a similar setup with his FJ Cruiser. He had to stop for gas on the way back to fill up but I didn’t and made it home with 1/4 tank left (though I had a 2 gallon bigger tank) but 10 mpg in similar size / weight truck is a huge difference.

IMG_1283 (Medium)

For the PETA in us this is where Hobie usually travels – front seat with his own bed and soft lullaby music from AC / DC to Skrillrex.

Thanks to the following for their great help and support: Keith at GDE (how quick and painless this was to do this tune that was definitely worth it and I should have done it when I first got the CRD and damn that warranty for making me wait); Christian at CB Engineering (tnadanzig on JF) for making the DPF delete pipes that fit like a charm (the combo of the GDE and the DPF delete pipe are amazing); Kolak (on JF as well) for putting together one of the best stock upgrade brake packages and a must for those who tow as if your trailer brakes ever fail the stock WK (non SRT8) brakes are woefully inadequate; and JF members Chirpz / Scootr29 / and many others here who provided great guidance and assistance to us CRD owners.

So what is replacing it? Another diesel of course (WK2 Ecodiesel 4×4 Limited with off road II and luxury package thanks to Woodhouse Jeep in Omaha). After towing with the diesel I can’t go back to a gas – just too taxing hearing the engine at high RPM trying to make it up even the smallest hill or fight a headwind. I also found that my average MPG met or exceeded EPA whereas my gas trucks rarely met EPA mpg except in perfect conditions. Another benefit is I no longer had to plan most pitstops at a gas station and instead would stop at scenic overviews and skip the gas station altogether. For the greenie in me – less fuel burnt to go the same distance means less dino oil needed and less carbon dioxide emissions.

The WK CRD Blog will remain up as I get over 100 hits a day on it and hope others will continue to use it for information. I will no longer update it but can if others are willing to provide info and edits. I will likely start a WK2 Ecodiesel Blog as well.

IMG_1365 (Medium)

On its way to a new owner!

  1. linuxd00d says:

    Any concerns about going from a Mercedes diesel to a Fiat one?

  2. I guess only time will tell. Emissions equipment on early diesels was problematic so hopefully after time they’ve worked out the kinks. In addition the VM Motori motor that’s in the ’14 Ecodiesel has been a workhorse for years in many vehicles in Europe. Plus it was originally designed for a Cadillac but with a duel purpose in military applications and Banks Engineering has torn apart an engine and was very impressed.

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