Announcing Team Exollence

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Racing

(April 11, 2014) Team Exollence announces its formation and intent to compete in the NASA Central Region for the 2014 Season in the following classes:

  • Super Touring 3 (ST3) class;
  • Time Trials 3 (TT3) class; and
  • Endurance 0 (E0) class of the Service Automotive Endurance Racing Series.

In addition to regional competition Team Exollence plans on competing in the NASA Eastern States Championship in both ST3 and TT3 which will be hosted this year at Road Atlanta. The Team consists of founder and driver Joel Karns and driver Matt Rivard.

Team Exollence is a derivative of Excellence and Exocet which is a newly built racecar based off the entire running gear and subframes from a 1990-2005 Mazda Miata but with an exoskeleton frame provided by Exomotive, LLC – which is the sole US manufacturer of the Exocet platform. Kevin Patrick, the founder / owner, is an autosports enthusiast and adrenaline junky. Exomotive is located near Atlanta, GA.

The Exocet is United States version of the original design called the MEV (Mills Extreme Vehicles) Exocet (has nothing to do with a French cruise missile) which was created by Stuart Mills – a well known UK kit car guru. The MEV Exocet has successfully been a mainstay in British kit cars for many years offering a low cost street, track and racecar alternative to the Westfield, Ariel Atom, Caterham and other Lotus 7 type kit cars. The kits are so easy to build even those with decent mechanical ability (such as the author) can do it as well. Exomotive offers a street (with roll hoop), track (with rollbar), and race (full NASA and SCCA compliant cage) version with welded in steel floors.


Exocet Race Chassis

A special mention of Dave Riley of St. Louis, Mo who has been a significant factor in helping complete this project. Dave is an MR2 enthusiast, trained mechanic and experienced racecar builder, who has helped extend his knowledge, passion and time. Team Exollence has also worked very closely with Driven Steering Wheels, Enthuzacar, Flyin’ Miata, and DIY Autotune.


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