Exocet Part 13: Gas Tank Install & Random Items

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Racing

It’s been a long while since I last posted an update. Apologize as work, family and racing gets in the way. Have a little time but been traveling the past 3 weekends in a row. Some new developments as the Exocet visited Gateway Motorsports Park last weekend for the NASA Central and Midwest Region crossover event. Quite a bit of interest was in the vehicle with me often having to explain that you can take 800 lbs out of a Miata by doing this method.

The car then made the trek to a small garage near St. Louis where in the next 2 weeks it should be wired up with the MS3 Pro and running. Then over to ET Tuning for dyno tune, alignment, corner balance and safety gear installed. Plan is for it to be race ready for April 26/27 race at Mid America Motorplex near Omaha, NE where it will be running stock 1.6 liter power.

Gas Tank Mounting: I’ve see a lot of photos of gas tank mounts but was never happy with a bunch of washers or pipes cut to hold it in place. Instead a friend of mine noted that some vibration control will go a long way. So onto eBay and I came across some polyurethane rods that I can cut down and drill out to mount the gas tank. It first off gives much more surface area for the gas tank tabs to mount on. It also absorbs more vibration than a solid metal mount would.

Miscellaneous and Trailer Holddowns: Next up is putting it on the ground for the first time ever! After about an hour of wrenching up the coilovers to get the chassis to sit ~ 5″ at all four corners. It is out in the sunlight and a full rolling chassis. My next trick is all by myself was to push it up onto the trailer and I got it done! I blame a friend for being late because he had to spend time with family 😉 I got the wise idea of using etrack on the floor and putting bolts through each mounting hold with fender washers underneath and self tapping screws into frame rails. It does not budge one bit. In addition the wheel sits on the etrack rail providing further weight to hold it down.


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