Exocet Part 9 – Painting Done & Bulkhead Installation

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Racing

Painting Done: Did a 2nd coat of primer and it’s ready. Some light sanding but am getting impatient as want to get to the chassis mating stage. However, I found some paint issues so had to fix those. Also had to show off some great bling – Driven Steering wheel 13.5″ Deep Dish style gives 2″ more spacing towards driver to help reduce reach and give more of the perfect 90 degree elbow bend and reduce fatigue.


Bulkhead Installation: Started on installing the bulkheads. Wound up buying an $20 HF electric drill as my cordless just doesn’t have enough amps. Also bought some double sided drill bits as well and the did the job exceptionally well. I did the screws and not the pop rivets as I want it easily removable for access at home or at the track. Also used some RTV silicone sealant to prevent squeaking and give more water sealing as with NASA we do race in the rain. On the side where the main roll cage comes down from the a-pillar has created some clearance issues to get a drill in there. Looking into options such as a right angle drill (low profile) – see if I can borrow it from somebody.


Next up will be chassis install. I didn’t plumb any brake or fuel lines down the tranny tunnel yet. Will do that after chassis is mated with Miataskate. Shouldn’t be too hard as will drill from inside to then add line mounts with pop rivets. Also will not install tranny cover until mated as well as you have to trip the hole for the shifter.


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