Exocet Part 6 – Randomness and Chassis in Transit

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a couple weeks and a lot has been done but time is not on my side. This time of year work gets a little crazy as new budgets are approved and funds need to be spent on Gov’t IT projects.

Trailering your Exocet:

As I sold my trailer with my Spec Miata as a complete Ready to Race kit I had to find a replacement. I’ve always wanted an aluminum enclosed trailer and found an new old stock 2013 H&H Trailer (14′ long / 7 ‘ wide with v-nose) locally that was marked down to make room for the 2014 models. It has no options so I’ve got my work cut out for me to get it ready to haul a car. That means adding e-track on the floors for wheel tie downs, adding the piano hinge transition flap to the ramp door, getting at least 1 spare tire and a holder, installing a new winch setup that can be powered by the CRD, adding a couple tire racks and some comfort items such as a fold down from wall cot/bed (may try to do a bunk bed type setup).

I also know the Exocet will fit as my NA8 Miata would also fit. The NA8 Miata (1994-1997) is 5′ 6″ wide (track width) and is 12′ 8″ long bumper to bumper. The Exocet will fit even easier as it shares the same track width at it’s widest but it also cuts the length down to 11′ 4″ long (of course this is without the front wing). This will give me a good 2′ of extra room to move it forward / back to set the weight properly. Since the trailer is also a v-nose I get another 2’ at the front as well for slim tool box.

Exocet Exterior Dimensions

Exocet Dimensions – Copyright: Exomotive


Fully boxed channels with breakaway and rotating jack (so don’t have to jack it all the way up or down).


No beavertail but I think I can manage with some ramps at the end.


7′ wide and v-nose should make for good aero for a trailer.


The Jeep has a 3.0 CRD (same as a Sprinter CRD) and normally gets me 20 mpg towing the Spec Miata on the open trailer so I’m hoping for 16-17 mpg with the new trailer. That is the same mpg you get in a Hemi Jeep without towing.

Prepping the 1.6 Motor:

As I will be adding an intercooled turbocharger systems (do a newly acquired ’99 1.8 liter motor) later this year I need to install a 1.6 liter motor for the time being and save on money. I’m going to leave it pretty much stock but do basic maintenance on it. The modifications I’m doing is based on a full upgraded from the chassis. So that means a full AN6 fuel system from fuel tank to injectors. I went with a Flyin’ Miata Big Fuel upgrade kit with NB sender and pump. A little info as the 1st (90-93) and second generation (94-97) Miatas are referred to as NA chassis code with the 1.6 liter called the NA6 and an evolution of the chassis to the 1.8 liter called the NA8. The NB Miata started in 99 through 2005 and was a revolutionary change to the Miata. I am also upgrading the entire electronics system to make it easy to plug / play and turbo motor when later installed so I got an MegaSquirt Pro 3 standalone ECU from Exomotive as well.

Somethings you Find on Craigslist:

As I was going over power demands that I’ll need to be competitive in ST3 running with our without Aero I would be putting the 1.6 liter motor at the top end of it’s ability and with racing endurance you want the car not too much overstressed. So I decided not to build a 1.6 for the turbo but a 1.8 liter motor I found from an wrecked NB locally. Also what came with it is a Torsen LSD rear end and a transmission. Car has 77k miles on it so it should be good shape. It doesn’t run so can’t ascertain it’s actual condition but it’s being rebuilt regardless.


Apparently this car was not rolled over but spun on ice and went through one of those steel cable guidelines along the highway.


Pretty raunchy looking but cheap parts.


Some damage to front of engine (throttle body has a chunk knocked off it and valve cover is cracked).

Chassis Leaving Exomotive Factory:

Got word today that the chassis will arrive soon. Exomotive was kind enough to send me some pics of the chassis prepared for shipment. Can’t wait!!!


In their ever improving process they redesigned the skid to version 3.0 which is stronger.


Good side shot.


Ready for loading.


In Truck and on its way to a new home in NASA CR.

  1. linuxd00d says:

    What made you decide to do the Big Fuel kit? Are you planning on making 400hp in the future, or is there another reason for that investment? I’m planning a turbo as well, but don’t plans on making more than 250hp.
    What made you decide on the MegaSquirt (as opposed to options like the FM Voodoo for example)?

    • Safety was my biggest concern here as I wanted to remove the rubber line element from the equation and have the fuel system easy to route (for whatever can happen in a racecar) and remove (versus hard lines which you can safely reuse). It was a big expense but I felt it was a good option. My plans are to make 180whp max at this time to run ST3 without Aero and a little less power under a different tune if I do run Aero (track dependent), but when I run E0 in the Enduros I can run even more power of which I don’t want the stock fuel lines to ever be a bottleneck (as it can be catastrophic if you run too lean). You should be fine with the stock fuel lines. I also went with the Megasquirt option (so I can hook up the laptop to switch tunes) as it’s a little cheaper and it comes with a new wiring harness so I can get rid of the stock harness.

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