Exocet Part 3: Miataskate and Easy Miata Towing

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Racing

The end of 2013 has given me ample garage time as I have a renewed effort to continue work on the donor for the Exocet.

Some things I’ve learned:

  • I’ve found that a halogen worklamp is a nice heater
  • I did have an intended purpose for a steam cleaner which I got for Xmas
  • Spilling 1/2 a gallon of gas on the floor really stinks up the place
  • A sawzall with a 10″ bimetal blade is great for stress relief
  • Holy shit that Miata chassis weighs a ton even in smaller pieces
  • I found the smallest trailer that will fit a Miata – will highly recommend to Andrew L.

Now I’m at a point where I have to start upgrading the Miata Rollerskate. My current thoughts on how to save money but spend where needed – have to remember racecar, track abuse and endurance racing:

  • Suspension: The donor came with koni yellows, ground control coilovers and eibach springs (750 # front and 400 # rear). I am going to reuse them to save money by taking the 400# rear and moving it to the front, then selling the 750# and getting some 300# for the rears. I need to get a stock front sway bar but already have the rear. Then get adjustable end links so I can fine tune it. Bushings are in surprising ok condition so I’ll save the hours of burning and banging for a much later date.
  • Brakes: They are in decent shape and with the much lighter weight they’ll be more than enough so after a talk with a Hawk Rep at PRI I’m going to my favorite DTC 60/30 pad combo, upgrading to ss lines, DOT4 Superblu (it’s illegal except in CO now), and a proportioning valve to fine tune and set. The master cylinder and reservoir seem in good condition so will reuse them. I had crazy plans to do a full Tilton or Wilwood pedal upgrade but the Miata pedals and equipment is perfectly fine. The Exocet kit comes with new lines for making brakes and fuel lines.
  • Clutch: Plan on upgrading it to a stage 2 (for possible future turbo) kit with a lightened flywheel.
  • Engine: The motor that came in the donor took a good whack in the front but it was not driven home so it should be ok. I’m going to gamble here and do simple maintenance and not crack it open. I also have a spare 1.6L that I can get work done on as well. As a low pressure turbo is my ultimate goal I don’t want to spend a lot on the engine.
  • Cooling: I will likely do a cheap big radiator from Mishimoto which will leave plenty of room for a future intercooler. As I’ve been doing research I’m reading about the Miata’s engine is prone to overheating due to it’s design as a FWD engine but Mazda flipped it 90 degrees and redesigned the coolant passages that lead to problems (like less coolant flow to the #4 cylinder). There’s a kit that redirects the coolant from the front to the back of the engine block as the FWD engine had. It’s $300 but it makes the cooling much more effective as it moves water through the engine significantly more efficiently.
  • Oil: Don’t plan on much here but possibly an oil cooler – there’s lot’s of room to plumb lines. Redline Synthetic with Wix oil filters.
  • Engine Control: after pulling ALL the wiring out of the car (gotta weigh over 30+ lbs) I don’t want to use or cut it up (it has over 50 unneeded connectors) so the plan is to sell it and rewire it completely. That means I’m looking into either an Electromotive ($$$) or Megasquirt ($$) stand alone ECU / wiring kit / MAP upgrade, new sensors and injectors so that I will have easy scalability for further power upgrades. Battery will be kept in same spot. Spend the money now for this and not later.
  • Fuel: Leaving it stock with gas tank but upgrading to AN fittings.
  • Lighting: HID headlights with LED light bar for enduros and LED rear lights. Oh and this car is to be street legal.

And now onto the Pics (click on gallery for higher resolution photos):

  1. linuxd00d says:

    I think this guy found a way to do the coolant re-route for much cheaper than the 949/supermiata kit, using parts from a BEGI kit:

    • Interesting – didn’t come across this post before. Thanks.

      • linuxd00d says:

        N/P. I saw your post on the Exocet thread on GRM. I have an Exocet on order and a donor ready. I’m at the parts research stage and learning as much as I can since the miata is new to me. Keep up posting good stuff on this blog. I’ll be reaching out to you with some questions if you don’t mind.

      • Sure no problem. I just picked up the chassis an hour ago and made it home alive in zero degree weather.

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