PRI Indy 2013

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Was able to make it over to Indy for its inaugural year hosting PRI (Performance Racing Industry). It was my first ever visit (could not swing the time before because it was in Tampa and KS is far, far away.) Got to meet a lot of nice new people and work the NASA booth. Elliott Fisher’s excellent AIX Mustang was a big hit to spectators who flocked over to check it out. Also got to meet some of the Toyo reps in person.


Elliott Fisher’s beautiful AIX Mustang center display in booth. We are right next to GoPro booth.


Hmm this might be the turbo I want for the Exocet – it’ll work with a 1.6 liter motor…


C7 Stingray Lingenfelter – this car is absolutely gorgeous in person. I think I maybe a Corvette owner someday – yeah I’ll be that guy.


It seems to be a factory hatchback which makes it easier to actually put stuff in it as opposed to my BRZ with this dainty little trunk you can’t fit anything in.


BAR Honda #11 car (I think it’s a test car but real nonetheless). Has Olivier Panis and Jacques Villeneuve names on the side. They are huge in size when you see one on person.


Mike Skeen drove this car in World Challenge competition. Was able to meet some Hawk reps and figure out brake options for the Exocet.


Will & Matt


Central Region Represents!


Ahem – that Toyo representative that I err, met. Toyo gives me such a great deal on tires for us NASA racers. Mark is not in the picture. Yep I think I’ll run RRs next year again. Claudia is almost as good looking as my wife (love you hun!).



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