Wrangler YJ Joins the Family

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Miscellaneous

Late night arrival to its new home.

Just got back from Ohio and came back with my wife’s old 1989 Wrangler YJ. It’s like I found a mangy mutt on the side of the road and gave it shelter with the intention of giving it away as soon as I can but the longer you take care of it…

Took me over 40 minutes to figure out how to attach it to my trailer (it is set up for a Miata). Also probably knocked off about 5 pounds of rust as the tailpipe fell off when I bumped it and the gas tank tray and exhaust hanger also came off with a little wiggling. I assume it lost another 2-3 pounds of rust on the tow home. Now to figure out if its worth saving as I’m not that experienced with repairing rust problems. The good news it seems is the frame does not have the rot I was expecting (holes in the ladder) but Ohio winters have been cruel to it. Plans are to try and remove as much rust as I can and spray on a preventative / primer on there ASAP.


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