Chevron Style DIY Coffee Table made from Old Pallets

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Being Green

I’ve been looking for a good coffee table to put in our living room for the past several months.  I could not decide on what I wanted but wanted it made from reclaimed wood or have the distressed or antiqued wood look.  After pricing some options I came across a DIY from BeachBumLivin to make a coffee table out of pallet wood.  It also finally gave me an excuse to get a table saw and a better orbital sander 🙂

The instructions and DIY are pretty easy.  Finding the pallets was the hardest part.  I went to several supply and hardware stores and went in and asked if I could take the broken ones.  A lot of places are charged a return fee for pallets so just b/c they sit out back doesn’t mean they are for the taking.

It took me a weekend to disassemble the pallets, rip the boards to even width.  I did not have a planer (will need to buy that for the next project) so I spent a lot of time sanding with 80 grit sandpaper to get it as even as I could, then working my way up to 220 grit for finish.  I bought a 2nd sander so I didn’t have to swap constantly.

diy ct 1

Unfinished Product

I also could not find the 4×4 untreated posts without having to do a special order and I did not want to buy treated as this was to be used indoor.  So instead I used leftover 2x4s from a pallet that was repaired with some at one time.  Next time I think I’ll use 2x4s again but rip and route them so they have a nicer design.

diy ct 2

Before Stain – love the Chevron look

Now that the table looks good I chose a Min-Wax Mission Oak Poly Urethane Stain (had several others).  It is a great stain that includes the protective layer and gives it a nice glossy look.  I put on two coats which made it darker than I would have ultimately preferred but it looks great.  Next time it will be one coat of this stain.

diy ct 3

After the first coat – still wet.

In it’s new location and ready for use.  I think I will make another coffee table as it wasn’t too hard.  I will make some slight changes to the design and hope I’ll like the finished product even better.  Plus I can buy another tool for less than it would cost me to buy the actual piece of furniture – so to me that’s a win / win.

diy ct 5


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