SOLD: Traqmate Complete GPS Data Acquisition System

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Miscellaneous


Selling my Traqmate Complete – everything works great.  Cost $999 new for the Complete system (plus extras).  Asking $700 shipped for everything.

Whats Included:
– Driver Display Device: Used < 1 month ago and working great.  I just erased all the data on the display / storage device.  Display has progress indicator showing if you are faster or slower at any given time.

Display unit that has usb storage. Shows progress at bottom to drivers.

– USB Cable to connect to laptop
– Quick Disconnect mount for easy installation / removal. ($20 option)
– Traqmate box that is the CPU for the system
– Super Simple – One Button
– G-Forces & Speed & Time
– GPS Track Mapping
– Compare Laps & Drivers (you can overlay data with other drivers)
– Power cord to connect to vehicle
– GPS antenna
– TraqStudio CD-ROM ($209 option)

What is not Included:
– You will need to download TraqView software from Traqmate but it’s free and easy to do.
– If you want to sync to video when you turn on the unit you can add a video integration unit. This will also add analog / digital inputs (such as RPM).
– If you want to add digital/analog inputs you can add an input processor (RPM, oil pressure, throttle input, etc.).

I can bring to any future NASA Central Region events (


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