DIY Retaining Wall & Concrete Mold Bricks

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Miscellaneous

DIY Retaining Wall

I needed to make two major upgrades to make the yard easier to maintain and use.  First up was building a retaining wall in our front yard adjacent to the sidewalk.  We had major issues with ran runoff and erosion from the original landscaping (our home was a model home) of mulch and plants that did little to prevent runoff after heavy rains.  Plus the old landscaping looked terrible and I wanted to really make the house stand out.  I finished this about a month ago and since completion we’ve had several heavy rainstorms and I’m glad to say there was no runoff issues.

Here are photos of similar home builder cheap landscaping (same as mine – 2 houses down).


Making a retaining wall is not an easy task and you should make sure you are healthy and able.  I would also recommend daily lower back exercise / stretching to prepare you body for the constant assault of hauling heavy bricks, bags or rocks, baver base, sand and digging.  I watched several youtube videos and DIY writeups on how to do this and they were very informative.  I won’t go into detail of how to make a retaining wall except make it very important that you dig a proper base deep into the ground and use at least 4″ of paver base and bury the first level of brick.  Also make sure it is level as you do not want a leaning wall.  Also if you have a wall over 1′ tall I would recommend dead-man anchors at least w/in 6″ of the top to help use the soil behind to help reinforce the wall.

Belgian Stone Mold Bricks

With my back recovered somewhat and a big project behind me I decided to fix an issue of wet soil at the fence gates.  The east side doesn’t get much sunlight so the grass doesn’t grow well leaving mud when going through the gate.  To fix this cheaply I bought a Belgian Stone Mold off eBay for $50 shipped.  All it needs is sand, a 60 lb bag of concrete and coloring – just add water and you are ready to go.  Also another great benefit is that if I want to add more it costs $3 for a new set of brick plus the coloring $3 to color.


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