The New Trailer

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Racing

Most people who know me will jest at my trailer swapping (insert W Va references here) antics from an open center steel 16′ trailer, to a 24′ enclosed, to an 18′ open wood deck, to a tow dolly, and now to the new trailer – a 14′ open center steel trailer I got from Performance Trailer in Mt. Pleasant, TX.  I had it specifically made to be lightweight, handle improvements and be small enough to fit a Miata and make it easily maneuverable.

I also wanted it as light as possible (was looking for an aluminum open center Trailex but those cost $3k used and over $6k new!).  I found Parker as they have an open center design and were able to work with me to customize it.

I had the following options made:

  • Open Center (so I can work on it from underneath without using jack stands at the track
  • Lightweight (trailer weight is 1,400 lbs empty) so it’s easy to pull and help with mileage
  • Wood runners (cheaper and lighter) so I could add bumpstops and other options easily
  • Short and narrow: trailer deck is 6′ wide by 14′ long with 2′ dovetail.  Total exterior dimensions is 8′ wide and 18.9′ long.  It can fit in most garages but pretty much eliminate a 2nd bay.
  • I wanted lightweight ramps that I bought separately from that stowed in the rear so it is easy to remove.  6′ long and 15″ wide.  No clearance issues for the Miata.
  • It has a removeable drivers side so the door can open if I drive it up there.
  • It has a raise winch plate so I can add a winch on the end and pull the car up and off (that’s my plan).
  • It also has a spare tire mount, breakaway battery and two 3500 lb axles (one has drum brake).

I plan on adding the following:

  • Winch that can be powered from the CRD
  • etrack with wheel nets that will secure the rear wheels and use the front winch point.
  • Tire rack that will be added to hold 1 row of 8 Miata tires.
  1. albert says:


    I have always wanted to store long aluminum ramps as you have it. Thanks for the pictures. Do you have any pictures with the car loaded up?

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