Miata Winter Work Completed

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Racing

A bit behind on updating the progress on the Miata by Jesse Prather Motorsports.  Car is up and running and in good health.  A lot of work has been done and it is much faster.  Ran it at Gateway with NASA Central Region last month (Sunday was canceled due to snow) and finished a lonely 3rd after getting a little too overzealous and got too loose in the carousel lost a of ground.  Not bad as was learning new tires (never driven on them) and my first time out driving since my last race in October.  MAM is this following weekend so ready for the battle as we will have at least an 8 car field (likely 10).

Need to resolve the following issues:

  • Eliminate tire rub as the outside leading edge of the tire gets cut down some (will be using impact sockets to roll the car and hope it bends the metal to give more clearance – I run 25mm backspacing on my wheels to maximize track width).
  • Add a fire system (procured but sitting in a box in my garage)
  • Prep hardtop and paint white to deflect heat better
  • Fix rust spots on rocker panels on both sides (area is in front of both rear tires)
  • Fix rattle in exhaust
  • The big issue still is it burns a bit of oil – so switching to a 50wt race oil and will keep tabs on it after each session (well not me but Dexter Racing who services my car while at the track).

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