SOLD: Stehl 80″ Wide Tow Dolly

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I’m selling the tow dolly I used this year to do a no frills, low budget race season.  Next year I’ll make up my plans of going back to an open trailer with open deck (hopefully one of those nice light aluminum ones).  It’s a Stehl Tow non braking tow dolly with 80″ width and 14″ tires.  Can handle most SUVs and other vehicles but I towed an EF Civic and Miata with it mainly.  It is less than 1 year old and needs no maintenance.  Includes all items needed to tow a vehicle with including 2 adjustable tire straps and wrench to ratchet it tight.  Also has tire pressure caps to let you know if it gets below 32 PSI on a wheel.  Bed tilts down to load cars.  Price is pretty firm of $850 as these cost over $1k new.

SOLD in less than 1 hour on craigslist.


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