Various Home Improvement Projects

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Been working around the house making improvements.  First up was adding shutters in the front of the house to make it look nicer.  Makes such an improvement curbside.

Next up was updating the kitchen from the builder’s grade chrome facuet to a modern brushed nickel commercial faucet.

Next was replacing our broken glass induction (electric) cooktop.  Before we had the basement finished we had the contractor run a gas line to the oven / cooktop for just this instance.  Checked Craigslist and found a dacor direct replacement gas cooktop and had a plumber hook up the gas line.  Since the previous unit was all electric (both wall oven and cooktop – I had to reduce down the circuit breaker to a 30 Amp from 40 amp (runs 220 amps to power both) and then had to tap the 110v outlet from the microwave cabinet above – as the cooktop for the ignitor only needs a 110 outlet.

Once that was done it was onto adding ceiling fans into the guest rooms starting with Q’s.

I still have a 2 page list of things to do around the house.  I have the season ending race this weekend so should have more time to focus on these projects.


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