8 Hours of MPH

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Racing

Last weekend I was able to head up north (thanks wifey!) and run in the 8 hours of MPH to pilot the “Flyin’ Deuce”.  It was a friend of mine’s car and I was piloting with a couple other racers Jason & Justin.  The Deuce is a very used Toyota MR2.  We were competing in the 1:54 laptime class and 200 treadwear tires and any pitstop must be a minimum of 7 mins.  Go any faster than that and you are penalized.  The Deuce is a well worn car and in order to reach a lap of sub 1:54 laptime you really have to push the car enough so it is sliding.  We were able to push hard through the first several laps and had the lead for a large part of the race but fuel mileage was not going well as in order to run competitive laptimes we really had to rev the tired engine to get any straight line speed.  In the end we wound up in 2nd place overall and 1st of the $500 car category by forgoing 1 pitstop and running sub 2 minute laptimes to conserve fuel (we finished 3 laps down to 1st who was a well built Spec Miata driven by my fellow NASA CR Spec Miata racers – Warren & Dillon).

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