Preparing for Round 3 at Hallett

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Racing

Getting things done with the Miata after Hastings had some issues (3rd gear broke in the transmission and an oil leak in the front of the engine that would not go away).  Next up was Hallett and the promise of a 30 car Spec Miata field.

I sent the car back over to Jesse’s for some work.  He quickly found out that the front crank seal backed out some how (not sure why) and the crank woodruff key was put on backwards (has to go a certain direction).  With that fixed the leak was gone and the car no longer leaves puddles underneath.  Next up was the bad tranny – Jesse had a known good transmission in the shop so I simply had him install that item and I will tear down the bad one at home this summer and see what happened and try to fix it myself (this will strain my wrenching abilities).

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