Round 2: Hastings Recap

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Racing

After feverishly working for the weed to get ready for the race – I ran into some issues.  Car teched just fine but I never got the cool suit system or Traqmate hooked up.  I also had an oil leak from the front of the engine – enough so that when running on the track hard it would smoke some when I pull off (oil no header).  I also had some transmission issues where 2nd gear would always grind on down shifts (transmission in this car is unknown) and I could not reliably use 3rd gear so just kept it in 4th gear to run some fast laps.  I also had a rattle which I thought was the driveshaft (more on that later).  I was able to run some laps during warm up but the car would not shift right.  This was the first time I’ve driven Hastings in about 5 years and the first I’ve driven a Spec Miata as well – so quite the learning curve.  For the first race on Saturday as we had a 4 race weekend with NASA Central Region I lost 3rd gear completely as the car would only grind if I shifted into it.  So I simply limped the car around so that it survives the weekend without too much wear / tear before I get it fixed for Hallett which is coming up June 8/9 with a deep SM field of at least 15 cars (probably all local experts with pro built motors – preparing the excuses for how badly I’ll get whupped!).

I made it back home alive and for the better.  Brought the car back to JPM’s to install a known good transmission and fix the oil leak and some other issues.  Can’t wait to get her back tomorrow afternoon and finish up the last work.  5 days til Hallett!

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