Obligatory Pictures of Cars from England/Italy

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I was able to snap some quick picks of interesting cars when I had a chance, so enjoy.  I was hoping to get a track day either in England or Italy but the opportunity just didn’t work out unfortunately.  What amazes me is the proliferation of diesels in Europe where diesel is less expensive than gasoline and proven to be more fuel efficient fuel than gasoline.  Unfortunately in the US we cork the diesel engines with thousand dollar filters, urea injection, catalytic converters significantly increasing the cost of a diesel engine and substantially reducing its efficiency.  The irony is the more you cork them up the more fuel they will burn to do the same amount of work as an uncorked engine – negating the effort / cost in the first place.  The image of smoke belching diesels is a thing of the past in passenger vehicles as we now use low sulfur diesel fuel (same as in Europe) that substantially reduces soot.  Want proof – visit Europe and see for yourself where > 50% of passenger cars sold are diesel powered with much lower exhaust emissions getting them substantially better mpg (70 mpg on may cars) and get less than 100 kgrm cycle of carbon emissions (no London congestion tax).  Oh…and no soot from the tail pipe.  I’ll get off my high horse now.

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