Dangers of Improper Roll Cage Installation

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Racing

Normally I don’t post pics of damaged cars as out of respect for other racers / drivers but this has excellent pictures of the dangers of an improperly installed roll cage.

This is a beautiful car as I’ve seen it in person many times at HPT over the past several years – very meticulously maintained and built.  Aside from how great it looked and sounded, it had one serious defect and the driver and passenger when it crashed were very, very lucky.  A rollcage is only as good as to how it is securely mounted to the frame of the vehicle it is in.  That means it must be attached securely to the frame of the car with proper reinforcement.  If you do not do this right then the below is what happens.

As in the video above when the car came to rest on its top the roll cage completely detached from its mounting points to the car (a worst case scenario) and the roof of the car completely collapsed.  This is very bad as the roll cage now will move on its own accord within the car and no longer safely cage in the occupants.

However, the occupants (driver and passenger) escaped alive b/c of one factor – the seats of the car were bolted to the roll cage itself so when it moved the seats went with it saving their lives.  Normally race seats are bolted to the stock seat belt mounts of the car and if this car was done that way the results may have been a much worse.

Moral of this story: Don’t skimp on proper safety because when you need it, it’s too late.


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