3.26.12: Spec Miata Progress

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Racing

It’s been almost a month since I last posted progress on the SM.  Reason is that I’ve been on vacation (yes I’m allowed to relax from time to time).  I was very fortunate to take my son over to England and Italy for a 2 week vacation that was very soccer (futball) oriented.  The great thing is he got to play against other age groups and also train with some Italia National Team coaches.

Before we left I spent quite a bit of time working on prepping the car for the cage (the last major hurdle).  With my first race coming up in April 14/15 at Gateway Motorsports Park I’m cutting it a bit close.  I wanted a SM specialist to do the cage so I brought it into Jesse Prather Motorsports in Topeka, KS.  He’s been building various SM and IT based Miatas and RX7s (Mazda specialist) for many years and has customers who ship their cars to him from both coasts.  As I’m focusing on a minimum racing season of 8 regional races and competing again in the National Championships I want this car to be fast and reliable right out of the box in order to reduce any learning curve I will have.

I spend the first week in March grinding away any paint and body sealant where welding will occur to the car.  Jesse will be adding the cage and reinstalling the dash then doing an alignment / corner balance.  I did finally pick up some used Toyo RA/1 SM tires that have less than 3 events on them and also a full set of wets and 2 sets of practice tires (on the cheap!).  I also got a couple sets of rims from Tire Rack (13.2 lbs each and $90 a rim – which is super cheap).  I will have a set of Enkei RFP01s for sale soon with a set of Toyo R888s (hint).

I will also be towing with a tow dolly (the two wheel things you see on the back of RVs).  I will only be bringing the basics and will be sharing with fellow racers who are going so we don’t have to bring a lot of stuff.  I also want to get decent mpg towing.  I used a tow dolly with the CRD last December on a parts car I brought back from Chicago to take parts from it and I got 20mpg which is pretty decent (averaging ~ 65 mph).  I’ll try to remember to post mileage I get this summer towing.

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  1. wesmc says:

    Joel…have that restrictor in and I’ll bring my street miata with the coilovers out to HPT…we can see how much difference the extra street car weight makes.

  2. The 1.8 or the 1.6? My minimum weight will be 2,350 with me in it as mine is a ’94 with 1.8 liter.

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