1.22.12: Spec Miata Progress

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Racing

Got out to the shop this weekend to work on the car – finish setting up the suspension and installing the hardtop.  I also wanted to go over the car and coming issues I’ll have to address.  Will need the suspension looked at to see what is missing, will need to get some rust taken care of and small things needed for final engine build.  Once Wes has the engine completely assembled (flywheel has been turned) we will need a clutch before we can bolt on the transmission.  I was hoping to reuse one of the stock clutches that came out of both cars but they were well worn.  So I’m waiting for the new clutch kit to come in the mail.  I also got an offer for the #49 parts car with a deposit on its way.

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  1. This is the only wordpress blog i have ever looked at, or followed consistently. You seem to have the only Spec Miata build log on the web (with me just skimming the surface i’m guessing)

    Nice to see that this one is close to home though. As i am aspiring to drive. I will probably be purchasing a Miata within the next few months, and then sticking it to autocross/track days until i can afford buying all the bits and pieces needed to assemble a SM.

    Anyway, id be interested in chatting with you, as you seem to know whats what!
    shoot me and email or something at…

  2. Andrew – check out http://www.mazdaracers.com a website dedicated to racing all Mazdas but this also includes the Spec Miata class with the various organizations such as NASA, etc. You can find a lot of great info there but you’ll also want to look at which class you plan on doing. You can start out low budget and do autox and learn car control and have fun – race that clock. Or try doing HPDE with an instructor sitting in the passenger seat teaching you the track (you must go through a DE program and take a competition school before being allowed to race wheel to wheel). Then there is also Time Trails where you have open passing but race against your time which is also fun. I did send an email as well.

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