SOLD: 1996 Miata Rolling Chassis with Cage

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Miscellaneous

1/19/12 Edit:  Added more pics of the cage, belts and Kirkey race seat.

1/24/12 Edit: Pending Sale however please still contact me if interested if the current deal falls through.

2/3/12 Edit: SOLD and went home to Indiana.

I have for sale a 1996 Mazda Miata rolling chassis – racecar.  This car was raced in SCCA and NASA (was converted to a racecar in 2011). I bought the car primarily for its engine / transmission which it will not come with, thus it is a rolling chassis with stock suspension (the steering / brakes work). It is a perfect swap candidate for a small block Chevy or picking up another engine. The wheels / tires do not come with the car but I have a set mounted on it to help load it on a trailer (I will remove them when loaded). You can bring your own wheels as this takes a 4×100 bolt pattern 20-30mm offset wheel at least 14″ in size (has stock brakes). Car comes as pictured with window net installed, quick disconnect steering wheel, and it is already wired for a cut off switch. It will also need a new drivers rear axle as the cv joint was bad and we had to cut it off to seal the differential (stop diff oil from leaking out).  Car is not perfect and will need some TLC but at $1,000 for a caged rolling tub with current logbook, a racing seat and current SFI Belts – that’s a great deal.

I have a clear title in hand and 2011 SCCA logbook (no NASA Logbook). Car was originally prepared for ITA spec. If you are looking at building a racecar this is an excellent deal as building an approved cage and log book – cages cost between $1,500 – $2,500 to put in these cars.

All I’m asking is $1k for the entire car and I will help you load it on a trailer (will need to be towed).


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