Dual Stage Flushing Toilets

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Being Green, Green Technology

Been having a bout with all the toilets around the house leaking at about the same time.  So I went to Home Depot to get new flappers and fill valves.  In the same aisle I noticed a $20 retrofit dual stage flush system.  A little wary of its quality (the other system I saw was $50) I bought one to try it out.  Essentially this system replaces the flapper and handle but uses the current toilets fill valve and plunger system (saves you $$ as you do not have to buy a whole new system).

So I went about installing a unit to give it a try as I would love to reduce the use of potable water (costs a lot of $$ to provide clean water).  Seems dual stage flush systems are very common in Europe and Asia but have not caught on in the US yet.  It would make sense to reduce our water usage /waste – especially in the summer time in times of droughts.

Install was pretty straight forward – please remember that the water in the toilet tank is clean water – it is not dirty or contaminated so no worries in getting wet hands.  I also noticed the picture on the install shows the valve stem plunger and my toilets had the big ball on the end of the stick so I was worried it wouldn’t work – but I’ve had no issues so far after installing them for a week.  The flapper valve is divoted to make room for it I think (even though not mentioned in the picture).

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