1.2.12 Spec Miata Progress

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Racing

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

With the time off work I’ve gotten a lot done on the Miata.  Also got to spend a lot of time with family and friends.  I started doing some more To-Do items.  After trimming the interior door panels it leaves a very sharp edge which you could possibly cut yourself on if not paying attention.  So I bought some u-shaped trim to slide over it and glue down at certain spots to hold it on.  Next up was plugging holes in the engine bay to the interior – as that is a fire hazard.  I had some old interior grommets lying around from a previous 944.  They fit like a charm to cover the a/c line holes left after removing the a/c system.

Next up was hood pins.  I’ve had several versions before of hood pins but one thing I wanted was the ability to secure the hood down when the car is locked (as I tow on an open trailer).  I didn’t want to keep the hood latch as it is an allowable delete but it also weighed a bit too much.  In comes AeroCatch hood pins with locking tabs.  I’ve seen these before on fellow racers cars and liked the way they look and how they flush mounted in the car.  With the Miata the stock hood bump stop is next to each headlight and looked like a good place to install them.  The only issue is the under hood fitment as it has a skeletal structure underneath that makes it quite hard to install (at lot harder than expected).  The ’99 and newer models are much easier to install as they have more mounting surfaces due to fixed headlights (mine is pop up headlights – 80’s style rocks).  Follow the slideshow for a detail picture list of what went on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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