12.29.11 Spec Miata Progress (or Lack Thereof)

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Racing

Started spending some quality time with the Miata by prepping it to bring to RennsportKC to do engine/tranny/suspension swap.  Lots to do still.  Did get the exhaust off it – had to cut the pipe as the bolts were rusted so badly they fused together.  I bought some items from Advanced Autosport and they arrived today so I started installing them.  The Radio plate is an abs plastic and is tough enough so you can cut it to mount gauges in it.  After trimming some of the back of the center cluster I got that installed.  The antenna plug is simple pop in (after I had to cut out the antenna – hidden bolt makes it really hard to remove w/o destroying it).  Lastly was to cap off the power steering rack to do the quick and easy conversion to manual – there are write ups where you can take the entire rack apart and remove the seals and simply grease it…or just buy these and bolt them on with a 6 & 8 mm allen key.  I also got over to RennsportKC to drop off some items and Wes has an early 90’s Miata in (’93 I believe) he’s selling for < $2k.  He’s been working on it and getting it mechanically in good shape – it is a street car.  Interior is much nicer than the outside.  Car’s been sitting forever so it was a bit smokey on start up.

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