More Spec Miata Progress Pictures

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Racing

Last weekend I spend 16 hours driving to Chicago with a tow dolly and bringing the Spec Miata back before Chicago winter would cover it with several feet of snow.  The tow up was quite interesting as towing an empty tow dolly was a bouncy affair.  I had the banging ball mount in the receiver which was fixed by putting a thin gauge aluminum sleeve in it instead of spending $60 to get a specialized ball mount they’ll sell you at the trailer store.  I also remedied the bouncy tow dolly by adding 3 bags of 50 lb sand and tying them down.  That is until you get to Arsenal road by Autobahn where a 3 mile stretch of road is so badly undulated they fly out of their tie downs and dissipate on the road.

Once I got back I got the parts car stored away safely while I continue to prep the Spec Miata.  I finally got the dash out and started to modify the vents inside to leave it on permanent defrost cycle as I plan to use the blower and keep the heater element to defog the windshield (had 6 races this year that were in the rain).  I also had to buy some tires and use up my remaining Toyo bucks before they expired.

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