Is there Life After Cable / Satellite TV?

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Over the next month or so I plan to find a way to ditch or minimize cable / satellite bills.  At this time we have Comcast and pay > $200 mo for their “triple play” – which is phone / internet / cable tv.  Considering we have over 300+ channels and only regularly watch about 15 channels total (not including their HD counterpart) – we are definitely not getting what we are paying for.  With Cable you pay for packages and get content you don’t want (they have no ala carte feature).  So I’m going to spend the next month researching how to replace it with a like substitute – hoping to have the same interface, retain HD quality channels, and DVR type functionality (want to make it whole house) so it is still easy to use.  I’ll post research and comparos when they are ready.

  1. we ditched the “triple play” about 18 months ago. We have high speed internet only @ $35/month. We only miss a few channels. Bravo (wifey), TLC, and ahem Fox News. 😉 😉

    I use a HTPC running windows 7 with a OverTheAir tuner to record fox/cbs/nbc/abc shows. We can watch/access via xbox media extender, or over media center on a laptop.

    A good portion of the “cable” content you can consume on Hulu, netflix, and on the networks websites.

    check out the AMD-e-350 htpc setups.

  2. Chris says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I plan to drop satellite as soon as the contract is up. Will probably drop home phone too.

  3. porschedoc says:

    We were finally able to ditch comcast and the 140/month bill that kept rising every month. Surewest came into the neighborhood and so we switched. 70/month for internet and cable with basic HD (no super sports channels, etc). Also, as soon as I mentioned cancelling comcast, they offered to match surewest’s rate of 70/month for another year. Amazing how quick they are to respond once you go to cancel. Even if surewest isn’t available in your neighborhood, call comcast and tell them you want to cancel because you are switching to surewest (or another company….they didn’t even try and look up if that was available in my neighborhood, just immediately counter offered). Throw out a number that you will pay with them, and likely comcast will match it.

    Surewest gave us a cable card for our tivo, another hd dvr, and hooked up 2 other tv’s for free.

  4. Thanks – checking Surewest as I’d like to further lower cost of Internet too.

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