1st Oil Change in WK CRD

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Took the Jeep (WK is the platform for the 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its same under the skin Jeep Commander) into RennsportKC to get its first oil change and another look over.  We will do tranny fluid, coolant, and diff fluid next time.  Also got some more items I’ll be checking into such as a new intake hose and possibly adding the provent ventilation modification.

Some stuff like "Made in China" makes you a little more cautious before going underneath.

Previous owner must like Quaker State / Jiffy Lube (sticker in car) and the blue marking they put on the oil pan drain bolt (of which they also slightly overtightened – along with the oil filter housing).

The oil was dirty, dirty, dirty.  Seems the dealer I bought it from didn’t even do an oil change before selling the car.  You can tell how dirty it was by looking at the oil filter and its housing.


This is actually my first vehicle I've owned with a filter cartridge insert and not an entire oil filter housing to change.

We then identified the fuel filter had a small leak or was not cleaned at one point after it was replaced (66k miles I found out at a local dealer).

Diesel fuel leak at filter - maybe not tightened up all the way.

We think we identified where the oil leak was coming from – as it looks like I have the old intake boot (orange color) that deteriorates quickly from oil inhalation from a valve that vents out pressure from the crankcase.  This will get changed along with the idea that I’m going to do the provent external vent to catch can.

The intake wasn't even tightened all the way.

In goes new oil – Lubromoly 5w-30 synthetic motor oil 229.51 spec.  Stuff is expensive but goes at least 6k miles easily before needing a change.  I’m sure the engine is now much happier with new and better oil.

9.5 liters / 10 quarts with oil filter change and we are ready to go.

Wes working on a Mini - they look so small in person.


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