Livestrong Sporting Park Tour with USGBC

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Several weeks ago I was able to tour Livestrong Sporting Park “LSP” (home of the 1st place east division US soccer team – Sporting KC) with the local chapter of the USGBC.  As I’ve been to the stadium several times to watch games, I’ve not yet been able to see the entire stadium and the different club levels.

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I’m still confused with one issue.  Sporting KC won the regular season eastern division (out of 8 other teams).  So they get a 1st round bye in the playoffs.  Then their first playoff game is “away” depending on who wins what.  Then, and only then after they win an away playoff game does the 1st place regular season team get a home playoff game.  What is the point of winning the division when you do not get home field advantage?

Also please do not associate LSP with LSP.

LSP Out!

  1. Forgot to mention – we also got to hang out in the Sporting KC home locker room. It is gorgeous and the chairs they sit in are worthy of Captain Kirk’s chair on the Starship Enterprise. We unfortunately could not take pictures.

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