Project: HID Light Install on 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Miscellaneous

In order to improve / update the look of our JGC CRD I decided to buy an HID kit (they cost $45 so not that expensive) and give it a try.  The low beams are the 9006 bulb type.


Step 1: remove old headlight bulbs (this was easy as there was ample room even for my big paws).

Step 2: Inspect HID kit.  The kit I got was the 6k kelvin (gives you the whitest/blue light without compromise to distance – higher you go the bluer however the less you can see) – 9006 bulb – HID kit with slim ballast from and is used by people mainly for German cars.  Since the heart of this JGC is German I thought it appropriate I used them.

Step 3: Trim excess wires from kit.  I didn’t need these wires with the 9006 kit so could remove them entirely.

Step 4: add two sided tape to ballast / clean area of car where you will stick these items when you install it.

Step 5: Install HIDs in vehicle and hook up.  I had a reverse polarity issue (wires were backwards when installed from the factory which is pretty common).  Don’t worry if you hook them up and they don’t work as this is likely the issue.  It doesn’t hurt them if you do this either.  Just flip the connector upside down and connect.  Notice how much brighter the overall light is.  HIDs take more energy to warm up however they use less power when running taking less load on the alternator when driving.

Step 6: Install the other side.

The problems I had and why I removed them.

– Cannot turn off flashing headlights when unlocking car which makes you have to wait to start the car as the HIDs won’t turn on if you did this.

– Reverse polarity was an issue as the wires were backward (doesn’t make a difference with the stock halogen bulbs but HIDs won’t work unless polarity is correct – easy fix is plug them in backwards).

– Flickering when you shut the car off as the car keeps them on longer.  You can buy a relay that can take care of this issue.  But I just got plain tired of it and removed them after this issue.  They went on the Civic as it does not have DRL, only direct on / off switch for headlights.

– The 2008 SRT8 came with factory HIDs which you can swap over to the 2007s which I might do later one.  I’ll do a writeup if I go that route.

  1. I did wind up buying a set of Sylvania CoolBlue 9006 headlights and they work well – brighter light than the stock halogens that were in there and slightly bluer more modern light too.

  2. Santana Reyes says:

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  3. You can also update to the 2008 factory HID headlight assembly (have to swap out both sides unfortunately).

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