Garden Upgrade

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Being Green

I’ve spent many months maintaining my garden – using it mainly as a learning tool of how to grow my own grub.  The garden has been in different iterations of the last 2 years with my first year as a failure as I could not stop weeds from growing inside it and the only thing that would grow was tomatoes.  This year I got much more to grow but depended on the plant.  I upgraded the garden last fall by doing a through soil condition with sand and sphagnum peat moss and dead leaves.  I also boxed the garden with 8’x8′ boards making it 64′ feet.

What grew well

– Cucumbers (had too many at one point)

– Watermelons: surprisingly it did well as I only planted one.

– Tomatoes in the 2ndary compost pile (they took over).  Grape / Roma / Big Boy tomatoes








– Jalapenos also did pretty well

– Onions

What did not grow

– Pumpkins – not sure why they did not sprout pumpkins as the plant spread wild.

– Squash would grow but not last long on the vine.

– Tomatoes in the garden did poorly (maybe the fact that I cannot plant them in the same spot).

– Carrots grew pretty well but I guess I did not do enough to keep the soil loose – need more sand I guess.

Franken Carrot

– Green peppers struggled for a long time but finally gave some fruit but they were small.

Garden Upgrade

This year I decided to expand significantly to allow more room for spread as I was constricted in space and plants fighting each other for room / resources.  I will also add a honey locust close to the south side of the garden to filter light to the plans.  It gets too hot in the garden for it to handle all the sun.  I will also add soaker hose with a timer to water routinely.

Part 1 - Measuring out and making sure gets even watering from sprinklers (though will add soaker hose at start of next growing season).

part 2 - Will be 12 x 17 = 204 square feet.

part 3 - Finalizing outline before trenching.

part 4 - trenching borders to level it out.

part 5 - will put stakes in every 12" so I can arrange plant lines vertically or horizontally. Leveling it out too.

part 6 - removed old borders and using to run remainder of distance. Will be hidden by stakes.

part 7 - dog must approve. Quincy was also helping me out in between playing on the swing set.

part 8 - Almost done - need to close out middle section and cut off stakes so they don't stab you.

part 9 - another view. Need to put in stakes and middle section then cut out all sod and start conditioniong soil for the winter.


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