Fun Projects – Helmet Planter & Brake Rotor Clock

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Miscellaneous, Racing

I’ve been helping out the new NASA Central Region the past couple months and decided to help them with the last event for 2012 (October 8/9 at MPH).  I could not make it as I was planning to race at Road America with 944-Spec but my car was out of commission and I subsequently promised to travel to STL for my son’s soccer tournament (they lost in the finals 2-1 against an Illinois team).

At NASA’s last even they were giving away awards for slowest lap times – the helmet planter with a dead plant in it as an OSB “others ports beckon” gag gift and the clock for most accurate laptime (relevance!).

Helmet Planter

To dignify my conflict as a racer I decided to take my old smelly SA2000 helmet and make a planter out of it.  It is not valid to use as helmets typically are given a 10 year lifespan for safety (give or take 5 years as it does not matter on manufacture date but rather SNELL date – click link for more info on SNELL ratings).

8 years old and over 50+ events = smelly even if you can wash out the lining.

Foam Removed - takes a lot more effort than you think.

Inside of Helmet - Clean and ready for new owner.

Cut hole in top, paint chevy engine block red, and visor flat black and you have a winner (well a trophy that is). Note - car does not come with award.

Brake Rotor Clock

I had a set of old brake rotors from a 944 I was parting out that were worn too far to reuse.  So it was scrap metal time but came up with the idea after seeing the fake plastic Brembo clocks everywhere – why not make a real one.  After consulting the wife she picked up a clock making kit from craft store and off I went.  Rust is the primary color though and a given.

Maybe not very accurate but pretty cool looking.

Hobie checking over my work.


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