Luck Does Come a Racer’s Way Sometime

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Miscellaneous

With a couple disappointing race weekends gone by (not finishing as high as I wanted and the car to car contact) – I did get some good news right after Nationals.  I entered a drawing with OG Racing for a new suit.  With my usual expectations of never winning anything unless everyone wins something.  Well I won a new Sparco suit – the first thing of value or need I’ve ever had (especially with the broken zipper on my current suit – which it is also getting fixed at OG Racing).  In fact when the zipper broke on my old suit I stopped by their tent that week and Mark hooked me up with velcro tabs to be able to close the suit up so I could continue racing.  I later got the zipper jammed back in as it broke off only 4 inches from the bottom and safety pinned the bottom (making it a struggle to get in and out of the suit).

A little bit about OG Racing.  I used to live in Herndon, VA and when I first started doing DE events I would head over to their shop (as they were only 10 minutes away from where I lived) and ask lots of questions about the car and driver gear.  They are an extremely helpful group of guys and a National NASA sponsor.


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