Precursor to 2011 944-Spec National Championship

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Racing

Long time no post – reason being is I have to work a real job and play racer on the side.  Plus, my evil plan of tricking Wayne Taylor to think I’m the eldest of his kids has not worked.  So it’s off to the National Championship race with the usual support of  This will be my first ever effort to compete on a national scale racing against former champions and some of the best drivers across the US in our series.

Open track time will be on Wednesday September 7 for practice.  We will be getting some coaching from Mike Skeen (professional driver for many touring car based series such as Speed World Challenge and Grand Am Sports Car Series).  I will actually have 3 races the entire – of which Thursday & Friday are what we have called Qualifying Races.  Your starting position for the actual Championship race on Saturday is based on the average of your finish from the two Qualifying Races.  So if you win one but DNF the other – you start mid pack.  Thursday evening we will also being going on a tour of Ohio State Reformatory (where they keep players and alumni who break NCAA rules) and eat at the dinner hall.  I’ll be sure to bring my orange jump suit and load up on some free tattoos in order to fit in.

Saturday = National Championship Race

All (and only) Saturday & Sundays Races will be cast live on the Web at Speedcast TV (LINK TO Website).  Click the Watch It icon to start the Webcast.  We have over 20 drivers (maybe more as I did not hear the full count) in 944-Spec but we will also be sharing the track with Spec e30 (80’s BMW 325 Series) and Spec3 (which I’m not exactly sure what that is…maybe a catchall 3 series series (lol)).  Our race will be at 3:05 PM ET Saturday September 10, 2011.  Please try to watch the race if you can and cheer / jeer me on.  Post race driver interviews will be on where they will have post race driver interviews.

Big Thanks to Toyo Tires and Hawk Brakes for their support.


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