Precursor to Round 6: Mid-Ohio

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Racing

The heat wave has finally broken – at least the one gripping Kansas.  I’ve seen clouds, rain and been able to actually walk outside without need to don my cool shirt.  It also hopefully means cooler weekends for some racing.

Round 6 is this coming weekend – Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – the one seen frequently on television (Speed WC, ALMS, Rolex Sportscar Series, Continental Challenge, AMA, etc.).  Again to a track that is completely new to me – though with the number of races I’ve watched on TV I have a good idea of where the corners go – except on TV it simply mocks the viewer with the true elevation of the track (similar to Laguna Seca).  There’s a 3 story drop in one of the corners making the car so light if you are not turned into the corner properly – you won’t be able to get back on line and will have to settle for keeping the car on track while sacrificing exit speed.  So here’s to watching plenty of video and reading track write ups for this weekend.  We have at least 10 cars in class so this will be a fun weekend.  Wish me luck!

I give kudos to the track as they have an excellent track / facilities map with interactive areas.

  1. Good Luck Joel! We need to get together soon!

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