Racing Tomorrow!

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early to “eye of the tiger” sporting a purpose grown 4-day stubble, pull up some knee high tube socks, lace up the shoes I typically only use for mowing the lawn, and put on my helmet – however, this helmet has horns on it as I will need to conjure the anger and strength of my ancestors.  Yes, my lineage traces back to some of the meanest accountants and school teachers you’ve ever run across (maybe a Jarhead too).  Oh, yeah – I shouldn’t forget to wear some clothes that can get dirty.  Yep – no cars or go karts in this racing…but lots of mud and sweat – welcome to my first Warrior Dash!

I will have a full account of the event with likely some very embarrassing pictures – knowing that I did some training for this event on the local playgrounds often hearing babes crying and mother’s rushing their children away saying there’s a strange man and that’s why we don’t play near strangers (not sure who those ladies are talking about as I was the only one there).

Thor must be appeased!

  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the recap. You should have given me a heads up- I would have come and taken pictures. You know I’m looking for any excuse to have some KC BBQ!

  2. Well post race libations were beer and turkey legs. I’ll have a recap going later today with some pics June took. See you in a couple weeks at Mid Ohio!

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